If you are one of the many people weighing the pros and cons of renting vs. buying a home, there are several things to consider before making a decision. After working through the various cost comparisons, deciding on a location, and researching the market values in that area, you might find yourself still on the fence.

Owning a home can come with a lot of benefits, some financial, and some simply based on personal preference. Below are 5 reasons why owning your own home might be the right move for you this spring:

  1. The money you spend is an investment – when you own your own home, you are essentially depositing a monthly payment into a building bank account. Every monthly mortgage payment you make builds equity. When you rent a home, the owner of that property is benefiting from your monthly investment.
  2. Freedom to do what you want – a huge advantage to owning your own home is that you can do whatever you want to do it. There are no restrictions when it comes to paint colors, repairs and upgrades, what kind of pets can live there, how often you can have guests, etc. Nothing is more frustrating than handing over a large sum of money every month to then be told how you can and can not live in your own space.
  3. Fixed costs –  If you opt for a fixed-rate mortgage, your monthly payment will not change. Renters are at the mercy of what their  landlords decide, unless they are living in a rent-controlled building. If you know that you are going to be in one area for a long time and choose a 30-year mortgage, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your rate will not increase.
  4. Building credit – Once of the best ways to build your credit score is by paying a monthly mortgage payment on time. Since you cannot self-report rent payments to credit bureaus, you might miss out on the opportunity to increase your credit score.
  5. Taxes As a homeowner you can deduct the interest paid on your mortgage from your taxable income and therefore save yourself money. Newer mortgages with higher interest payments each month yield the best tax breaks.

There is a lot to be said for owning your own home, primarily because it is a long-term investment that essentially forces you to save over time. As always, it is best to consult with a mortgage professional to discuss the details of your individual circumstances and determine which loan product is the best for you.