Let’s face it, moving is a chore! Even if you have great friends willing to help you out in return for beer and pizza, the actual cost of a move can add up quickly. If you’ve got plans on the horizon to pack up, take note of these great ways to save you as much money as possible.

Look for Materials Online

Purchasing new moving boxes and packing supplies can certainly cost a lot. If you spend some time searching online, you can probably source what you need. Check sites like Craigslist and your local Facebook groups as they tend to update regularly.

Clean Out

Use your move as the perfect opportunity to go through your belongings to see what you can get rid of. Unload the extra weight and start fresh in your new home with less clutter. You’ll save on packing supplies, and your moving estimate.

Save Your Receipts!

If you are donating large bags of items as you declutter from your existing space, keeping an itemized receipt for tax purposes is a great idea. Find the value of your items on the Salvation Army Donation Value Guide and see how much you can deduct at tax time.

Get More Than One Estimate

Schedule at least three moving companies to give you an in-home moving estimate. Check out their reviews and ratings to determine which company is going to be the best fit for you and then try to negotiate cost by sharing the other quotes you received.

Set Up Your Change of Address

Going online to setup your change of address through USPS can automatically get you $750 in coupons from places like Home Depot, Pottery Barn, etc. Use these savings to set up your new home when you arrive. You can register your change of address up to three months prior to your move.

Find a Place to Stay

If you need a temporary housing situation while you move, look for hotels that have flexible cancelation policies. That way, if there’s any issue with your plans, you won’t be out any extra money. Avoid home rental reservations that have strict policies.